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Beth A. Di Santo to speak at “Supporting Startups From The Ground Up” event hosted by E-Factor, the world’s largest community of entrepreneurs.

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

With the US financial crisis, small business and startups have become an imperative part of bringing the economy back to its stealth. Yet, with many bank, cash and credit regulations, startups and small businesses have not been able to grow and expand as fast as they potentially can.

Organizations and movements like Startup Exemption are advocating for a solution – crowdfunding. It is a way to allow Americans to choose, invest in small business in their communities. Sherwood Neiss from Startup Exemption, Beth Di Santo, Managing Partner, Di Santo LLP, and Ricardo Weisz, Founder/President of NorthVest Company, will share their expertise on:

* How to get involved in funding startups and what are the necessary tools?
* What are some new ways to support small businesses in your local communities or in other states?
* What are important components to a startup that is worth investing?
* How to take an idea, grow it into a company, then expand all the way to revenue stage?

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